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Contract Hire

Your commercial fleet is integral to the success of your business but Automania recognise this come at a significant expenditure. The costs of repairing, replacing or upgrading your fleet every few years is extremely expensive and this is why many businesses have switched to contract hire options for their commercial vehicles. Whether your fleet consists of cars only or a range of different commercial vehicles, Automania Garage Services has a contract hire solution which can be tailored to your needs. We ensure that you get a solution which suits both  your budget and your vehicle requirements. When you hire from us, you benefit from our maintenance and servicing facilities too.

Our range of contract hire vehicles includes:

  • Airport cars and vans
  • Catering high lifter trucks
  • Water tankers
  • Aircraft steps
  • Belt loaders
  • 7-8 Seat Mercedes Vito/Viano
  • Mercedes C-E Class
  • 8-17 Seat Ford Transit Minibuses
  • Tippers and Crew Vans
  • Trailers

Why choose Contract Hire?

Contract Hire is the fastest and most cost effective way for any business to manage their multi vehicle needs. It allows a business to have further control over their fleet.  The benefits of contract hire include the ability to retain control of your fleet without the complex operational burden that comes with it. You also benefit from release of capital which you would have been tied up in your fleet if you had purchased it instead of contracting it. Contract hire is a hassle free solution for any modern business, as you simply drive, insure and fuel your fleet while continuing your operations as usual.

Our Electric Vehicle Service

Automania Garage Services has invested heavily in 100% electric vehicles. We have invested in the new Nissan Electric Leaf and eNV200 Acenta Panel Van vehicles which allows you to benefit from some of the newest and most advanced electric vehicles at an affordable contract hire cost.

The electric vehicles deliver the same level of performance as regular cars and vans, while all at the minimal cost of recharging instead of the outlay of fuel, option of this all electric vehicles benefit from zero emissions which in turn brings your running costs down even further. Electric vehicles are exempt from road tax and congestion charges in London making fully electric vehicles increasingly attractive to forward-thinking business owners.

Our electric vehicle fleet at Automania Garage Services is available to our customers to ensure their commercial fleet is the best it can be, both in an environmental manner and a as a cost benefit.

We have specialised electric vehicle installers at our key garage locations, our new workshop facility near Heathrow has a bank of designated green bays for electric vehicles. This is the first facility of its kind in the area and one which we are sure our customers will benefit from.