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Manchester: 0161 945 1234

Gatwick: 01293 855 515

Heathrow: 020 8572 2525

Why Automania?

Choosing a commercial breakdown service provider can be something you deliberate over. You want a service provider that fits with your company but equally you want a price which suits your budget. Automania Garage Services has been a specialist in commercial recovery for many years, for both airside and landside breakdown assistance.


You will not find many companies who possess the level of sector experience. As a business we are constantly striving to improve and build upon this to ensure we always offer a best practice service.

Automania Garage Services ensures every one working for our company is highly trained and experienced and ready to work to efficiently repair and recover your commercial vehicles.


Automania Garage Services is a progressive and forward thinking business. Whilst we have a strong history in delivering exceptional services, we are very much a forward thinking and looking company. We are constantly striving for new ways to innovate and develop improved services for prospective and existing customers. Our next venture is a new workshop facility near Heathrow which will incorporate green bays for electric vehicles and two ATF lanes. We appreciate the need to embrace new technology for our growth but also to deliver the best level of service for our customers.

Robust Infrastructure

We have spent many years investing in specialised diagnostic equipment, tooling and a unique workshop infrastructure which allows us to support any breakdown or recovery situation that may arise. We have created a dynamic working environment which has been designed and evolved to ensure the best possible working practices are in force. Furthermore, such working practices are enhanced by our dedicated, experienced and highly trained staff teams.

Dedicated Team

All Automania Garage Services staff are fully qualified in their individual roles. We recognise the importance of retaining our teams and aim to provide a professional environment in which they can develop. We ensure all of our mobile technicians and recovery staff are GSAT trained and all of our staff are specifically trained and specialised in Mallaghan and Doll superstructures.

We expect the highest levels of expertise from our employees so our commitment to service can be maintained.

Safety First

We are committed to delivering a premium level service but safety is our first consideration at all times. We have a workplace culture where ‘safety first’ truly matters and we deliver this in all areas of our business. We regularly provide health and safety training, on-site audits and update our health and safety policies to reflect the latest developments in technology and processes. Our management team are a visible presence on the workshop floor to ensure our staff uphold our commitment to safety.